Monday, December 12, 2011

Last minute Christmas Cards!!

I know I am not the only procrastinator out there.  Check out these adorable cards that I created over the weekend.  \

Since it is Mae's first Christmas I felt the need to do something cute and fun.  I think these turned out really well.

Here are the basic instructions but feel free to really branch out and make this your own creation!

  I made the template in MS Word, download the awesome and free font here:  Black Jack Script

I made these 3 wide in landscape orientation.  The size of the picture is 3.25 inches (its a square), and the text boxes I used were also 3.25 inches.  these will fit in a #10 envelope (the long skinny ones) with plenty of room to spare so make them bigger if you are feeling frisky!  I had them printed at Kinkos in full color on Ultra Bright White cardstock.   Let me know and I can send you the file I used!

Here are the necessary supplies:
-Cards: Printed and cut
-Ribbon- Approx 20 inches long
-Scrapbook Paper:  If you are using my sizes, buy the 12x12 sheet.  Cut 3.5inch wide strips out of the sheet, and then cut them in half so the final piece is 3.5x 6 inches.  Thus you can make 6 cards per sheet of paper. 

Use scrapbook paper and not wrapping paper so you can write your message on the inside.  

Fold the patterned paper around the card and tape it on the back.  Then tape on the ribbon.

Next, use scissors to cut the patterned paper in half in the front.  Write your message on the inside, tie the bow on the front and the card is complete!

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