Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Years Eve is my favorite holiday of the year.  The fresh excitement of a whole new year at my fingertips combined with the champagne and the chance to wear sequins in vast quantity without any shame or embarrassment.  This year I am going to do something that I have been wanting to do for several years now and never have.  I am going to write a list of goals.  Just a list of general life goals, some near term and some long term and some dreams.  Common sense (and plenty of websites) tells us that people who write down goals are more likely to accomplish them.  Although my love of statistics makes me question whether that is because people who write down goals are more motivated to begin with.  Never the less, it cant hurt.  I am going to write my list of goals, frame it and hang it somewhere that I will see it regularly so that I am always reminded of these goals.  That place will of course be in my bathroom :)  I have always thought this would be a great thing to do as a couple but for some reason my husband does not really like new years or resolutions or goal setting apparently.... he will however, have to stare at my goals every time he uses the bathroom at home so maybe that will motivate him to contribute next year.....
Jackson Square- New Orleans

First goal: Make a list of goals

Be a good Mom

Run a Marathon

Travel at every opportunity

Oak Alley Plantation- River Road LA

Focus on today

Sell more furniture than I buy

Stop using the Lord's name in vain

Get rid of everything I don't need

Etsy Store

Live in the south
Mae Elizabeth

Make every day happy and fun

So, now my list is done and written quickly onto a decorated piece of cardstock.  I dug up a round frame that I have been saving for something and whala! list of goals is complete and in place.

Now all i have to do is read it and hopefully complete a thing or two!  I also need to report that my maternity leave ends tomorrow and while I have made great progress on the couch, it is not yet complete.  I will continue working on it though and will keep you posted on its progress!

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