Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Cinderella.

Please forgive me for two "before and afters" in a row. Sometimes I just can't resist telling a good Cinderella story (the kind where Cinderella does NOT have to watch her coach turn back into a pumpkin and go back to scrubbing floors for a few days until the prince gets his head on straight). So blame it on the early spring weather, or my new found infatuation with babies (particularly my baby love Mae Elizabeth), but new beginnings are enticing to me right now so here we go!

This story is about a desk chair. There are some items that not a single person wants. Even my mom whose taste and vision I trust implicitly turned her nose up at this little beauty. Rusted and covered in torn vinyl, this little gem called to me from under a shade tree at an estate auction. 

My mom and I were on a mission, we were not deterred even when we had to break out my dad's super detailed atlas to find the farm where this auction was taking place down miles of gravel field roads. It was worth the drive, obviously too many people were hoping their GPS would get them there and thus lost hope after the first turn off of the blacktop.

What we discovered upon our arrival was a massive collection of furniture that I can only assume apparated into this little farm house from some magical world (no furniture truck could have possibly made a delivery!). Behind the throngs of beautiful things in a forgotten pile of lawn ornaments and random crap out of the barn was this desk chair.

I was drawn to its swivel base (I am a sucker for a good swivel chair) and the clean and modern lines. I was not drawn to the linoleum like substance covering it, gross!

Unfortunately, I did not take a good "before" picture. I was so excited to get going on the project I had already started taking it apart before I got out the camera. None-the-less, you can get an idea of the sad sad state our little Cinderella arrived in.

In this fairy tale I think of myself as the awesome fairy godmother, seeing the happy ending for this downtrodden little chair and taking it upon myself to step in and help out! Unfortunately I had to toss aside my beautiful magic wand in favor of pliers, steel wool, some spray adhesive, a sewing machine and a remnant of Amy Butler fabric (thank you again Needle Shop). 


Magic wand or not, I feel the results are fairly impressive. I see this chair in my office every day. It is a sturdy, swively wonderful chair. I love it and am so glad that I was able to step in and give it a second lifetime to live. 

This desk chair is available at my etsy store.  Mansion House Road. 

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